Friday, January 17, 2014

Coupla Things

First things first:  Though the built-ins in the third bedroom aren't built in yet, they are completely built.  Here's what they look like:

Let's rewind to a view of the same window in early August of this year:

We did have to do a bit of Ikea hacking to make our bookcases fit flush against the wall-- we had to notch out the back of one bookcase so it would accommodate the water pipe protruding from the wall.  A visual of the notch we cut:

And a birds' eye view of the notch as it fits over the pipe:

And now we just need to finish the job!  And once we finish the baseboards on the remaining three walls, we'll be done in here.  And so shall end the Neverending Renovation.

Just in time, too-- because we have another project we need to start immediately.  That'd be a place for this guy (or gal) to sleep:

Unlike all the other blurry photos on this blog, I did not take this one with my iPhone.  

But that's our kid, and s/he's going to need a nursery to sleep in.  And we have A LOT of other things to do before we can bring home our little bundle of joy in July-- bathrooms need fixin', windows need replacin', microwaves need buyin' and installin' (yes, we have been living here for 1.5 years without a microwave), etc.  And there's more.  Like, we're going to have to hire someone to finish all that rawdrywall in the laundry room-- I'm the drywaller in this family, and I don't think babies like lungfuls of drywall dust.  

So expect a few posts coming up in which things magically get done by professionals!  And maybe a few nursery and guest-room decor posts.  

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  1. HOORAY BABY! I just scrambled over to your FB wall to send you some glitter cannons, but YAY! Congratulations!! (and the almost-built-ins look super fetch)